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Trustpilot. Discover its Network of canals, lagoons and dense rainforests and see the turtles hatch. About Tortuguero. (score from 313 reviews) Real guests • Real stays • Real opinions. Exploring Tortuguero: Costa Rica's remote wildlife hotspot. In town there are several Guido all different prices, we went with Leonardo Tours and had a fantastic experience. The Green Sea Turtles and other species come to Tortuguero. Find out where Tortuguero National Park is located. Tortuguero Costa Rica is an important part of the tropical rainforest in the Country and Central America.Turtles come here every year to lay their eggs. Tortuguero National Park is one of the best destinations in Costa Rica. Evergreen Lodge is the ideal place for exploration, since Tortuguero is a unique and magical place on the planet. For low- and mid-range lodging, scout the cabins (called cabinas in Costa Rica) and hotels around Tortuguero village. Flashes of heat lightning pierce the darkness as we hunker down in the black sand dunes on the Caribbean shore of Tortuguero. Tortuguero is the most important sea turtle nesting ground in all of Centralamerica for the Green Sea Turtle, that arrives in Tortuguero Costa Rica. Close to San Jose, the park offers a great variety of animals, tours, birds and reptiles. This time we were there for the turtles and timed our visit to coincide with the second half of the nesting season for the Atlantic Green Sea Turtle, Chelonia mydas mydas.October 313 reviews We loved pretty much everything about this place. Three through the canals of Tortuguero National Park, one of Costa Rica's top wildlife destinations, and one on Lake Arenal in view of the famous volcano. Many itineraries include just one boat excursion, and most travel operators and lodge-based tours have you sharing boats with guests from other lodges—not us! Plan My Trip 0. Tortuguero, Limón, Costa Rica . Tortuguero National Park is a national park in the Limón Province of Costa Rica. The village of Tortuguero is a bit of an adventure to get to. If you like Tortuguero National Park Office, you'll love Tortuguero National Park, just a short drive away. COSTA RICA EXOTICA NATURAL is the specialist for Tortuguero. The little Amazon of Costa Rica, a vast region of tropical lowland rainforests, one of the last preserves for Jaguars, Pumas, monkeys, and a haven for the endangered Green Sea Turtle. This region is a lowland, with more rain than any other spot in Costa Rica. Awesome . Birds common along the canals include green and great blue herons, egrets, belted kingfishers, anhingas, jacanas, sun grebes and several species of hawks and kites. Abundant wildlife inhabits Tortuguero, including 57 species of amphibians, 111 species of reptiles, and 60 species of mammals. We work with all the hotels and lodges in the area, including Mawamba Lodge, Laguna, Pachira, Evergreen, Aninga, Tortuga Lodge, Manatus and Turtle Beach Lodge. Read More... Costa Rica has much more to offer tan just nature. Jaguars, ocelots, and kinkajous inhabit the park, but are rarely seen.. One of the most amazing natural spectacles that happens in Tortuguero is the arrival of the Sea Turtles, which find a haven in Tortuguero`s beaches. Tortuguero Costa. The canoe tour through the park, the night time turtle tour and the Cerro trail were excellent (with our guide. Tortuguero is a preferred destination for bird watching. Sea turtles in Tortuguero, Costa rica. All these sections consist of a canal running parallel to the beach on the east, and fed by a maze of serpentine streams and channels from the west.Tortuguero National Park offers a large variety of Hotels and Lodges. The marked trail along the beach is used mostly for observing turtle nesting, but the best way to see most of the park is from a boat. This is one of the few Costa Rican National Parks where walking quietly isn’t necessarily the best way to see things. You can take a boat, kayak or a canoe through the canals in Tortuguero. This adventure includes transportation from San Jose or other destinations to Tortuguero and back, all the meals, lodging and even the guided tours. Costa Rica has much more to offer tan just nature. And yet I see nothing. The Green Sea Turtles and other species come to Tortuguero. You can also take a private shuttle to Tortuguero. Hotels near (LIO) Limón International Airport, Tortuguero Tours - Adventures close to Nature, Tortuguero National Park: Tickets & Tours‎, Sendero Cerro Tortuguero: Tickets & Tours‎, Tortuguero National Park Tours and Tickets, All ashore for easy trips straight from port, Flexible itineraries and personal experiences, Bundled tickets and extras for smart savings. Health Protocol. In addition to the turtle haven it’s named for, Tortuguero is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches and forests in Costa Rica. Surrounded with majestic trees and exuberant nature. It covers around 312 km 2 of beaches, estuaries, coastal waters, rivers, and tropical rainforest. 4 Customer Reviews : Response time 1 hour : Member since February 2019 : Elvin, or more commonly known as "Primo," is a Tortuguero native. Every year Tortuguero National Park attracts turtles and turtle-lovers worldwide to its beaches for the annual arribada or turtle nesting. For example, the beaches happen to be the perfect place to see turtles such as the Olive ridley and leatherbacks laying their eggs. Other animals commonly seen are fishing bats, three-toed sloths, iguanas, basilisk lizards, poison dart frogs, and howler, white-faced and spider monkeys. Tortuguero, 70206 Tortuguero, Costa Rica – Excellent location – show map Excellent location – rated 9.4/10! The Green Sea Turtle comes and lays eggs, which then later hatch and hundreds of thousands of small sea turtles leave their nests to go into the ocean and continue the cycle. Located in a tropical climate, it is very humid… Tortuguero National Park Office If you like spending time outside, you might want to spend the day at Tortuguero National Park Office, one of the parks in the heart of Tortuguero. Despite its remote location, reachable only by airplane or boat, it is the third-most visited park in Costa Rica. Of the land area, 99% is used for absolute protection of resources, and 1% is used for visitation facilities. more, Browse our largest collection of experiences, Explore on your feet—and never miss anything, From snorkel to surfing—no expertise necessary. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Hostelworld.com brings you online bookings at the best selection of hostels in Tortuguero. Explore the city’s Afro-Caribbean culture, across music, cuisine, and more. Originally from Parismina, he has made Tortuguero home for over 25 years. Costa Rica Itineraries Places Tours Hotels FAQS Transport 1-888-456-3212. We stand for sustainable development and the preservation of the natural world. It is situated within the Tortuguero Conservation Area of the northeastern part of the country. Birdwatchers commonly see keel-billed toucans, slaty tailed trogons, Montezuma oropendulas and a variety of parrots. 9.1 . Its area has increased from 64,701.45 hectares to 76,937. Somehow the forest feels alive. It’s no surprise that the majority of hotels in the Tortuguero area are eco-lodges – often called the Amazon of Costa Rica, Tortuguero’s winding canals and dense jungles contain a plethora of animal species. The capital city of Costa Rica, San José, is nestled in a fertile valley among coffee and sugar-cane farms. The 2 days and 1 night package also includes all the meals, transport, both tours and English speaking guides. The locals showed great respect for this place. Tortuguero Village Aerial View. Tortuguero is the definition of remote: You've gotta take a 2 hour bus ride from San Jose, followed by a boat ride through the canal, to get here. OVERVIEW. I saw a close-up of a Capuchin monkey during a hike as well. Tortuguero, Limón, Costa Rica Phone: (506) 2767-0621 Mobile: (506) 8816-8491. We can see why this is the 3rd most visited nat’l park in CR. Just north of Tortuguero are the various lodges and hotels. Tortuguero was first protected as a turtle nesting sanctuary in 1963 and the main attraction is the spectacular turtle season. A… We selected 11 of them, with whom we operate special packages on a daily basis including transportation, all meals, local tours and taxes. Why Aninga Hotel & Spa? We went with Pachira who provided everything for us. No zip lines or other tourist traps. The park has a large variety of biological diversity due to the existence within the reserve of eleven different habitats, including rainforest, mangrove forests, swamps, beaches, and lagoons. Suddenly the boat stops, reverses and heads straight for the forestto our left. Our hotel is located in the north-eastern corner of Tortuguero, where you only have access to the hotel by either airplane or a travel composed of land and fluvial transportation. Costa Rica’s Tortuguero is a bit of a strange brew, so it’s no wonder the question “is Tortuguero worth visiting” is such a difficult question to answer. No jaguars unfortunately but lovely trail, stunning birds and animals. A short video about our trip to Tortuguero, Costa Rica. The park and small town of Tortuguero are accessible by boat or small aircraft. 6 Best Things to Do in Tortuguero National Park Explore Tortuguero National Park by Boat, Kayak, or Canoe.. Home to the celebrated Tortuguero National Park, the network... Don’t Miss a Tortuguero Turtle Tour.. Tortuguero National Park Map. Augusto). In fact, it is so far north that Nicaragua is just north of Tortuguero. Caiman are commonly observed in the waterways, which also are home to gar-fish, manatees, crocodiles, crustaceans, and an occasional bullshark. Tortuguero is located on the northern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Although the name Tortuguero is a clear reference to turtles, the biodiversity of this area – which includes rainforest, mangrove forest, beaches, lagoons and swamps and granted it the nickname of Costa Rica’s Amazon – provides an ideal environment for a multitude of animals. Tortuguero National Park is you MUST Stop while in Costa Rica. Combine a 3 day stay in Tortuguero with all included with the amazing overnight Pacuare River Rafting package, staying at Rios Tropicales Lodge. An overnight visit to Tortuguero, Costa Rica should be high on your list of “Things to do” while you’re here. Tortuguero is amazing. I hear nothing. Learn more... You can choose from the one day tour out of San Jose, the 1 night overnight adventure with meals, tours and transport included, and the most popular 3 day tour or the combo trip with Rafting included. Why Visit Tortuguero, Costa Rica? Costa Rica. Costa Rica Roots also offers boat and shuttle transfers from Tortuguero to San Jose, La Fortuna and Cahuita/Puerto Viejo for $55 per person. We are COSTA RICA EXOTICA NATURAL, established since 2002 as one of Costa Rica’s leading tour companies specializing in Tortuguero National Park, along Costa Rica`s Caribbean.

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